What we do include:

  • Provision of forum for interaction of all people interested in advancing STEM for development.
  • Encouragement of research in STEM by generating healthy curiosity among members.
  • Promotion of discovery, development, and deployment of expertise in STEM for socioeconomic and human resource development, and protection of the environment.
  • Undertaking teaching, learning, and application of STEM in everyday life.
  • Undertaking advocacy for STEM, by engaging in dissemination of STEM-related information in print and electronic media.
  • Seeking welfare of practitioners of STEM.
  • Fostering cooperative links with relevant national and international groups, and affiliate with bodies with similar goals elsewhere.

We Have The Following Distinctions:

  • Largest national, multidisciplinary group of scientists, technologists and mathematicians interested in the promotion and exploitation of science for national development.
  • Largest forum for cross-fertilization of ideas of all people interested in promoting science and technology.
  • Largest Organisation that can pool together the high caliber of experts to generate the scientific synergy that can impact on every aspect of development in Ghana.
  • High capacity to organize a science and technology clearinghouse where people in research can meet with people in industry to exchange ideas leading to innovation and solution of problems.
  • The Association is open to anybody interested in the promotion of science.
  • The capacity to consistently organize its biennial conferences and workshops since 1959.

Main Activities Include:

  • Organisation of national conferences and national workshops.
  • Organisation of public lectures, seminars and symposia.
  • Publication of scientific books, journals and magazines.
  • Organisation of national quiz contests.
  • Participation in programmes to improve the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in schools and training colleges.
  • Writing of feature articles for publication in the print media.